After two successful “@party Minidemo Montréal” events, Canada is ready for its first weekend-long demoparty since 2001! Récursion will take place from November 23-25, 2012, at Concordia University in Montréal. They will have the essential demo, graphics, music, and wild competitions, along with a fast demo compo on Saturday. Remote entries are accepted. For the latest news and information, visit the official party page.


CMUCC is pleased to announce that we will be holding a second rendition of Demosplash! Please join us for two fun, demo-filled days.

As before, we will have a focus on watching many of the greatest demos that have been released, on authentic hardware. This year, we will also be offering an expanded retro gaming session and audience rankings to determine the favorite demos of all time.

Want to release a demo, intro, or other prod at Demosplash? Please, by all means, do so! Don’t let our focus on watching classics and other previously-released demos make you think we don’t want to see new demos. Rather, we just know as a practical matter that entries at US demo parties can be light at times, and want to ensure we have plenty to watch. All entries submitted will be screened at the party, and we will offer prizes for the best ones.


UPDATE: Now on! Thanks to Sketch the Cow. 🙂

In anticipation of the NAID organizers visiting @party this year, and unable to attend himself, Trixter (Hornet, MindCandy) spent some time working up a video DVD of all the high-quality NAID footage he had copies of. It’s called “Memories of NAID” and includes the following footage:

  • “NAID ’95″ tape compiled by the organizers
  • “NAID ’96″ tape compiled by the organizers
  • “IC and Soundgun do NAID ’96″ by IC, with a 2012 introduction by IC
  • Four local news programs on NAID ’95
  • 8 minutes of NAID ’95 registration and guestbook signing with lots of familiar faces
  • 2 minutes of NAID ’96 classroom footage

It’s a little over 2 hours of footage of the height of the 1990s North American demoscene. Also included on the DVD-ROM section is all of the demos, music, party reports, and other miscellany associated with both NAID parties.

You can download the DVD .ISO here: or


Amongst all the nice compo entries from Revision 2012 in Germany last weekend were some made-in-the-USA contributions. Be sure to check out:

  • Blockparty 5 Non-Invitation – code/music by Coda, gfx by Forcer and nrr. Invtro for Blockparty 5 (planned in 2011, but no official plan to date) released on its own. 9th place in the PC demo compo.
  • Funky Fresh – code by Luis, gfx by Forcer. Interactive BD-J demo for a Blu-ray player! 2nd place in the wild demo compo.
  • Peridiummmm – music/gfx by Coda. Demo for the STM32F4 microcontroller. 5th place in the wild demo compo.

Congrats to them. Let us know if we missed any!

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The sixth edition of the original Blip Festival (now one of many throughout the world) takes places place at The Grammercy Theatre (map) from May 25th to 27th. A partial lineup has been announced:


Other artists and events will be announced later. 3-day and 1-day tickets are available through Live Nation at Blip’s website.


Another US date has been added for the Hungarian documentary film Demoscene: The Art of Algorithms (aka Moleman 2). Visitors to the massive gamer con, Penny Arcade Expo, east coast edition (PAX East) can see it on Saturday night. T-zero, Micksam7, and Phoenix will be at the screening to chat about demoscene stuff after the film, and to help plug Boston-area events such as @party.

Where: Arachnid Theatre, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
When: Saturday, April 7th, 2012 – 10:30pm – 12:30am

The second edition of PixelJam will again take place as part of Notacon, at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Cleveland. Competitions and rules have been posted on their website. Most compos will take remote entries. PixelJam is teaming up with criticalartware to present two new compos: glitch/artware, and “newGame++” (a sort of meta-compo). There will be a regular video game compo as well. Demo and music competitions will accommodate all platforms, old and new. A large and distinct PixelJam lounge space is available all weekend, with a 1080p projector and high end audio. Registration can be done through Notacon, as signing up for one event lets you participate in the other. – event website

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The third edition of @party moves this year, to Space with a Soul ideaLounge in the city of Boston. Registration is now open! The party website has information on travel, lodging, and all sorts of other things in the area. They are also on the lookout for volunteers and sponsors.

@party will be holding two promotional events at Artisans Asylum in Somerville MA: a presentation and demo show on April 27th, and a screening of “Moleman 2: Art of the Algorithms” (a Hungarian documentary film on the demoscene) on May 23rd. – Registration – @party website


The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and Boston Cyberarts are issuing a call for media art for display on the new Marquee outside the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. This 80-foot-tall Marquee offers more than 3,000 square feet of display area on 7 screens, providing full-motion video. They are looking for ten 30-second videos, animations or computer generated work (*coughdemoscough* -phx), using the entire Marquee in colorful and creative ways.

Proposals should be submitted by January 3rd, 2012. Before most of you get too excited, note that this is limited to artists and groups residing in the (U.S.) state of Massachusetts only.

For more info, visit:

The second 1-day demoparty in Montreal co-sponsored by @party was successful, attracting around 30 attendees, possibly the largest Montreal scene gathering since Coma 2001. Even NAID ’95-96 organizers Mr. Khan and MEd stopped by! Again there was a fast demo (multi-platform) compo, and here are the results (it’s a safe bet that there was a “potato” theme :):

1. Poutine by Quebarium
2. Tubercule by Madbrain
2. Voxel patate frite by Joachim and Dr Dub
4. Fuck potatoes I like bananas by The Muffin Group
5. @patat by Unkelben
6. Aek un patate by Northern Dragons
6. Potatotopia by yesso
8. Potato flue by XyNo

Some releases can be found at

René Walling provided the prizes, a Nintendo 64 (which went to Québarium, the 1st place winners), a Sun Sparc (which went to Madbrain tied for 2nd place), and a variety of SCSI hard drives and CD-ROM drives, which went to other winners.

PsychNerd of SceneSat provided coverage on their website:

(Thanks to Metoikos for information via “@party news thread” on Pouet).

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