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@party 2010: The Invitation

News by on April 8th, 2010

Demoscene Outreach Reel

Info by on August 14th, 2008

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And don’t forget to come to NVision ’08/NVScene!

Capped.TV will have a presence there, in the form of Capped.TV Authorized Juice Kiosksâ„¢. Which will include HD captures of many of the demos featured in the reel above, plus many more.

Don’t forget to register.

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The pre-reg date for NVision/NVScene has been extended again, this time to July 31st.

So if you STILL haven’t registered, you now have another month to get the discount.

As of this writing, only 19 people have signed up for demoscene seats [according to the online seating chart]. Please register and support this party! In addition to the discount, if you register now you can select a good seat on the seating chart.

Register Here [ ]

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nVision’s Early-Bird Registration has been extended to June 30th, for those who haven’t yet got a ticket to NVScene yet, you’re in luck!

Register Here [ ]

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Everyone who’s signed up for NVScene should be getting a e-mail right about now.

Inside you’ll find a login and key for the backend web interface where you can submit prods and also see if you’re getting any demokits! You’re also able to confirm the mailing address for the demokits. Unfortunately signups are closed for now, though you can still enter the compos if you haven’t signed up. Remember NVision registration is still open, and the $50 deal is going through the end of the month.

Big thanks to the party organizers and Nvidia for the kits.

Remember there is still 2 months+ before the party! Let us know you’re coming, by signing the Who’s Attending list.

Hope to see you all there!

Available here:

Thanks to Trixter for pointing this out. [And posting?]

The NVScene registration is open! [and has been open for the past few months]

Early-bird prices:
Demoscene seats starting at $50 per visitor. $65 regular price.
General admission is $35 [no demoscene seat] for those just able to make it to the compos. $50 regular price.

All admissions give visitor access to the various parts of NVision.

Register Here [ ]

Early-bird registration ends June 1st! [Next month!]

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BitFellas is hosting a Music Competition, I thought [along with a spur from Gargaj] that some US musicians might be interested. Plus it helps to fill in space here, not a whole lot going on.

Prizes include:
1 – 5 BitJam requests each 2 hours!
2 – A Hugi filter for 1 month, only the best spam blocker!
3 – 10 Hallo! Was?

Two compos are included, a strait-up music creation competition, and a remix competition with 3 tracks to pick from [samples included].

Rules and more here:

Looking forward to the results!

NVScene Invite []

Info by on March 25th, 2008

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NVScene Invite Released

News by on March 24th, 2008

The NVScene Invite is out!

Farbrausch and Neuro’s very colorful invitation can be found at Breakpoint’s FTP and our US Mirror.

Edit: Video Capture [mp4] avalible.

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