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The second edition of PixelJam will again take place as part of Notacon, at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Cleveland. Competitions and rules have been posted on their website. Most compos will take remote entries. PixelJam is teaming up with criticalartware to present two new compos: glitch/artware, and “newGame++” (a sort of meta-compo). There will be a regular video game compo as well. Demo and music competitions will accommodate all platforms, old and new. A large and distinct PixelJam lounge space is available all weekend, with a 1080p projector and high end audio. Registration can be done through Notacon, as signing up for one event lets you participate in the other. – event website

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The third edition of @party moves this year, to Space with a Soul ideaLounge in the city of Boston. Registration is now open! The party website has information on travel, lodging, and all sorts of other things in the area. They are also on the lookout for volunteers and sponsors.

@party will be holding two promotional events at Artisans Asylum in Somerville MA: a presentation and demo show on April 27th, and a screening of “Moleman 2: Art of the Algorithms” (a Hungarian documentary film on the demoscene) on May 23rd. – Registration – @party website


Listen to some live 8-bit today through Saturday (8pm-1am each night) thanks to indie radio station WFMU!


@party 2010 site pics and info

Info by on November 24th, 2009

The site for the first edition of @party (and more to come, if we’re lucky 🙂 will be the Friendly Crossways hostel and retreat center in east-central Massachusetts. It’s a far cry from the hotels and business centers of most US conventions, with a cozy space for 40-80 visitors and all their eating, sleeping, and showering needs. Not to mention a big field outside to soak in the June weather. Here are some photos inside and out, so you can imagine how to fill it up with your hardware and creativity!

As always, the latest info is available at, and feedback is welcome. Online registration will be up soon.


TMDC12 on its way, get ready!

Info by on October 22nd, 2009

The NA demoscene has made some nice textmode demos in the past, and soon you can show them off again!

In TMDC, the Textmode Demo Compo, 12th edition, you can submit your stuff from 11/11/2009 to 12/12/2009.
An official invitation is on the way – but you don’t have to wait for it to start your demo! The rules are the same as last year, for now.


Four days to Blockparty!

Info by on April 13th, 2009

Well, three really, counting the free Notacon seminar preview on Thursday night. Registration is over but there are plenty of tickets left at the door for $100. A couple weeks ago, Devi Ever stepped in with some cool prizes for the oldskool demo and resurrected oldskool music compo. Now the regular demo competition boasts a unique prize – the compo machine itself! It sports a Core 2 Quad Q9400 and a GeForce GTX 280. So get cracking on those entries – or meet someone at the party and make something up on the spot! See you there…


Demoscene Outreach Reel

Info by on August 14th, 2008

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And don’t forget to come to NVision ’08/NVScene!

Capped.TV will have a presence there, in the form of Capped.TV Authorized Juice Kiosksâ„¢. Which will include HD captures of many of the demos featured in the reel above, plus many more.

Don’t forget to register.

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nVision’s Early-Bird Registration has been extended to June 30th, for those who haven’t yet got a ticket to NVScene yet, you’re in luck!

Register Here [ ]

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Available here:

Thanks to Trixter for pointing this out. [And posting?]

The NVScene registration is open! [and has been open for the past few months]

Early-bird prices:
Demoscene seats starting at $50 per visitor. $65 regular price.
General admission is $35 [no demoscene seat] for those just able to make it to the compos. $50 regular price.

All admissions give visitor access to the various parts of NVision.

Register Here [ ]

Early-bird registration ends June 1st! [Next month!]

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