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Rarr! The annual Text Mode Demo Competition returns, and Bawlz has released the invitation intro.. in textmode, of course. Download it here. As usual, the competition starts on 11/11 and ends on 12/12. Exercise those ASCII characters at:


CMUCC is organizing a new party/show at their home base in Pittsburgh, Demosplash. In addition to some small competitions, a major part of Demosplash is getting together to enjoy, on authentic hardware, many of the great demos that have been released throughout the history of the demoscene. Think of it as a demo-watching party!

Date: Oct. 21 & 22, 2011
Location: Gates Hillman Center, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA


kb in Boston – October 8-15, 2011

News by on September 26th, 2011

@party organizing is supporting a set of presentations in Boston by kb, aka Tammo Hinrichs, who is visiting from Hamburg the 2nd week of October. kb, a long-standing musician and coder for Farbrausch, was responsible for, among dozens of other things: the soundtrack to “fr-08: .the .product”, the V2 software synth (the first of its kind for 4k and 64k intros), and audio/video setup for the Breakpoint demoparties in Germany.

The deadline to register to attend @party ’11 (Harvard, MA, June 17th-19th) is June 6th. All attendees must register, so if you want to be there, hit the site below by this Monday! The deadline for remote competition entries is one week later, June 13th.

Meanwhile, a couple of live performances have been announced:


Disasterpeace is originally from New York City, but currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he completed a degree in Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music. He is working as a freelance composer/sound designer for Video Games.

The Attic Bits

Arkbit and the Attic Bat are The Attic Bits, two chiptune artists from New Hampshire. Drawing on such diverse influences as J Dilla and Sigur Ros, the duo uses a unique combination of electronics to create 8-bit dance and ambient music.


  • The registration deadline is now June 10th.
  • Mozilla Labs has been added as a sponsor.
  • Two browser demo compos have been added.
  • A seminar on WebGL has been added.
  • A third performance from Ulysses Campbell has been added.
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    Nuance has released the official invitation demo for @party 2011. It can be found on Pouet and FTP. It was presented at Revision 2011 where it placed 4th in the PC demo compo. If you lack a suitable Windows machine, we will post a video capture here by next week.

    P.S. This would be a good time as any to register for @party if you’re interested in going. 🙂

    Update: “Live” compo video here.


    You can now catch the full lineup of audio and visual artists at the quintessential 8-bit music festival in New York from May 19-21. Of special interest to the demoscene are Ctrix (.au, Syntax Party), 4mat (.uk, Ate Bit), and Ultrasyd (.fr, Brainstorm). Seriously, if you have any tolerance for loud chip music and you like to have fun, do not miss this.


    Next weekend is the anniversary of NAID ’95, and gd is organizing an audio conference among people who were there. There’s a Facebook event with all of the details. If you’d like to participate and haven’t been invited to the Facebook event yet, please let him know. If you don’t use Facebook, he can send you the details the old fashioned way.

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    Registration is now open for @party 2011, go to to sign up before June 7th.

    Also, @party and Boston8bit will be hosting a chiptune concert and demo show as part of the Boston CyberArts Festival, at the Atlantic Wharf on April 24th, from 3-6pm.

    Event link:

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    More cool prizes, and good old cash, have been added to the competitions at PixelJam this year.  ThinkGeek, Nerds Nook, and RobertB/FCUG are among the new sponsors.  They do take remote entries, but entrants need to be present to collect!  You have just over two weeks left to finish up an entry, so check out the general compo rules and list of prizes soon. 


    @party returns for a second year of demos, competitions, and live 8-bit music!  Bedrooms, BBQ grill, campfire, kitchen, computer tables, meadow, and lounge room all return as we’re welcomed back to the Friendly Crossways hostel and retreat center in the greater Boston area.

    This year, @party is proud to join up with Boston Cyberarts, who promote digital art throughout the Boston area with various collaborations and their own arts festival taking place in April-May.

    Pre-registration will be necessary again, so stay tuned for news when it’s ready. Also there will be info forthcoming on live performances and a DVD compilation including the four awesome shows from last year’s party.  New volunteers and sponsors are welcome!

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