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News by on June 27th, 2010

The first @party is over (one week ago, actually)! 44 people filled the quaint little hostel in eastern Mass., along with a bus full of Singapore-MIT students on Saturday night. All the compo prizes were handmade — trophies for the winners and cookies and fudge for 2nd and 3rd place. Remote entries were counted in votes but not eligible for prizes (sorry guys :). There were four live music acts, a presentation on NES video effect mixing, and a screening of the Get Lamp documentary.

Compo results:
Demo/wild compo releases with reviews:
Some more downloads (e.g. music):

Videos from the live streams of the competitions and performances:
More footage of the performances:

Trixter’s photos:[email protected]/sets/72157624309167974/
Luis’ photos:
IC’s photos:
Jason’s photos:

Some of these photos and more will be posted to Slengpung in the near future.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped us out – it took many volunteers to make this successful. If you have any more post-party links, let us know! We will be conducting an @party survey soon, and gauging interest in an @party DVD which will help us balance our budget. Keep an eye on our official website: We hope to do this again next year!


Midnight on the 7th — your @party registrations will need to have been made and remote entries will need to have been submitted to us via email at atparty dot demoscene09 at g mail dot com

News for folks with graphics entries: our projector will be an Epson 8100, 1920×1080 max res, 3 lcd, 1800 lumens.

We may have another musical guest or two not noted on the website joining us and will publicize this if so. As noted, there will be free dinner sponsored by Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Saturday night and we are live streaming concerts and compos.

We thank all those who have already made their remote submissions or registrations. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

See you @ the party!


From Andr00:

Google I/O is Wednesday and Thursday this week. I’m going to SF, and so are a variety of other people you might know. We’re going to meet Friday and have a beer/notbeer together. I’m thinking Zeitgeist. Do you think you could go? Ping me. (add after his handle)

Time is counting down to America’s new summer demo party – start planning those competition entries! Added to the list of live performers is cTrix, all the way from Australia! He organizes Syntax Party down there and will join us for an hour-long set of kicking dance music with an Amiga 500 thrown in. How about a full, free dinner Saturday night? The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab has generously sponsored an Italian dinner for all attendees. @party is warming up to the Boston IF scene with a new Interactive Fiction game compo – get ready for some creative writing! There will be an onsite contest to redesign the @party logo for next year, and some surprise outdoor compos.

Haven’t registered yet? All attendees must do so by June 7th at If you’re staying overnight, beds will be available for everyone, but if you prefer a private room (2-3 beds) to a larger one, you had better act soon!

@party 2010 – June 18th-20th, Friendly Crossways, Harvard MA, USA. Visit for more info, compos, attendees, performances, site pics and more!


Another successful edition of Blockparty, thanks to another successful edition of Notacon, took place last weekend. We have a partial list of attendees.Official results, and links to various photos, videos, and reports, will be up soon. Here are some preliminary, very unofficial results:

1. Size Doesn’t Matter by Coda (7kb intro)
2. Sweet PEG Hoe by Northern Dragons & Bawlz
3. Box Festival by Brainstorm

There were only two oldskool demo entries, the winner being a Colecovision demo, run on original hardware for the compo, by Krue (his first demo).

1. Wyndham Reality by The Peppers Gang – another Second Reality real-life/human “demo”, done entirely at the hotel by a once-anonymous crew that turned out to be the Blockparty organizers themselves. They forfeited their prizes, which went to 2nd through 4th place instead.
2. Criticalartware
3. All That Glitters Is Not Code by Tabernac – a stop-motion assortment of demo-like effects, again done entirely at the party place.

For the first time, there was a live compo stream. You can watch it again, with all the zany antics, at

Coda also won the music compo and placed 2nd in the oldskool music compo, which was won by Lapine. Guybrush held a workshop for using Processing code to create realtime visual effects for DJs. Criticalartware showed three entries from a “glitch compo” held in their hotel room.

As Jason Scott promised five of them, Blockparty 2011 will take place. However, it will not be in Cleveland, but rather in California, most likely the bay area. It will also be later in the year, around September. Nothing else is certain yet. Notacon will still take place around April in Cleveland, although it will not be in the Wyndham hotel, and another demo party might take Blockparty’s place alongside it.

Update: Photos!


@party 2010: The Invitation

News by on April 8th, 2010

The @party organizers are excited to announce that the event schedule will include live music performances by Oxygenstar, Coda, and Animalstyle, and a live visual performance by NO CARRIER (more musicians may be added to this list soon). Check out the schedule page for additional information.

The registration deadline (for onsite attendees) AND submission deadline for remote compo entries is JUNE 7, 2010. They cannot make exceptions, as the venue needs to know the headcount for the event in advance. There will be NO registration at the door. Note for overnight guests, private rooms with 1-3 beds are going fast (dorm-style rooms with more beds will still be available). Room type requests cannot be confirmed they have your registration in hand.

To register, go to the registration information page or visit the Brown Paper Tickets page for the event. Discounts may be available for full-time students receiving need-based financial aid and folks living at or below the federal poverty line. The budget will be shared with attendees at the end of the event, following Notacon’s model.


The awards, an 8 year tradition of recognizing each year’s best demoscene productions with trophies and stage presence, includes Andr00’s “Diatom” intro in the nominees for best newcomer of 2009, and “Sans Titre” by Northern Dragons & Brainstorm for most original concept of 2009. The awards will be presented at Breakpoint in Germany. Wish them luck!

Evoflash has released the invitation intro for Blockparty 2010, running in, you guessed it, Flash. It’s still a very cool demo, with superb music from Coda. Just click here to watch. Feel free to comment on the invite on Pouet as well. Seven weeks to party time!


Blockparty 2010 website is up

News by on February 18th, 2010

Blockparty 2010 is taking place April 15th-18th in Cleveland, OH, back with Notacon. This is the fourth of the five promised annual editions, making it, oddly enough, the longest running demoparty in North America to date. There are a few competition changes, and be sure to check out Guybrush’s workshop, “Proce55ed Synaesthesia for fun and profit”. See you there!