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Craw Productions was formed by two ex-members of Axidental, LakEEE and PsychoMan. Their first major release, entitled "Opticron: Tome of the Impossible", won the NAID'95 democompo, and was followed up by "Infinity", placing second in the NAID'96 democompo. Other releases under the Craw Productions label often included music disks authored by LakEEE.

Despite ambitious plans for the future, 1997 saw only one release -- the winning freehand graphics entry for Crash 97 demoparty. Shortly thereafter, much like many other North American demogroups of the time, Craw Productions faded out of existence.

As a side note, owners of the "MindCandy: Volume 1" DVD can find a unfinished Craw production included as an Easter Egg. This posthumous release, named "Glitter Baby", was planned as story-based demo featuring hand-drawn animation.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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