@party 2010 site pics and info

The site for the first edition of @party (and more to come, if we’re lucky 🙂 will be the Friendly Crossways hostel and retreat center in east-central Massachusetts. It’s a far cry from the hotels and business centers of most US conventions, with a cozy space for 40-80 visitors and all their eating, sleeping, and showering needs. Not to mention a big field outside to soak in the June weather. Here are some photos inside and out, so you can imagine how to fill it up with your hardware and creativity!


As always, the latest info is available at http://www.atparty-demoscene.net, and feedback is welcome. Online registration will be up soon.


3 Responses to “@party 2010 site pics and info”

  1. micksam7 Says:

    Very very nice 🙂 Any word on reg/staying prices yet?

  2. phoenix Says:

    Not yet. There will be two levels (at least), one with bed (will be cheaper than 2 hotel nights), and one w/o bed (for locals w/ their own accommodations). We might do a single day ticket too, if there’s any demand.

  3. Jim Leonard Says:

    I am SO looking forward to this. I can’t promise a production when I arrive, but I’ll damn sure try to have one by the time I leave!

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