@party – Central Mass, US, June 18-20, 2010

We’re excited to announce another new US demoparty, this one a summer retreat coming next year. @party will be held in mid-June at a meeting hall & hostel in Harvard, Massachusetts (the town, not the university), about 30 miles northwest of Boston and a few hours from New York City and Montreal.

The official website is here. More info will surface in the next few months.


Also, be sure to fill out their survey, so they know what compos and activities people are interested in.


@party discussion is welcome in our forum.

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  1. micksam7 Says:

    Pheonix – You do realize you have admin privs right? 🙂

    Ahwell, forum added.

    And why the sudden influx of parties in the US? I’m not going to have funds to visit them all next year. 🙁

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