Blip Festival 2008 schedule announced

The third edition of the world’s largest 8-bit/chip music festival will take place at The Bell House in New York city from December 4th-7th, 2008. Over 30 musicians and VJs have been scheduled on the lineup spread over four nights. Of interest to the demoscene this year are Dubmood (Razor 1911) and Syphus (UpRough, BDSE). Also, I (Phoenix) will return on Saturday the 6th at noon to start off the workshop segment with another hour-long, all 8-bit demo show, featuring the latest from the C64, Vic20, and Atari 2600 & XL, and some other obscure platforms including homemade concoctions.  If you missed the last two Blips, prepare yourself for an intense atmosphere only a crowd into electronic noise can provide!  For more info, visit:


2 Responses to “Blip Festival 2008 schedule announced”

  1. syphus Says:

    Cheers for the plug, Phoenix! Looking forward to meeting you at Blip – was disappointed to have missed your workshop last year, but I’m glad to see you’re making a return 😀

  2. phoenix Says:

    Right back at you.. I have a two hour drive, and didn’t get a hotel room, so I won’t be there all four days. I’ll try to make it on Sunday though.

    And yeah, the weather was pretty crappy last year but 20 or 30 ppl still managed to show up. 🙂

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