Blip Festival 2009 full lineup

24 musicians, 8 visualists, 3 days., Dec 17-19, NYC.
(I converted the list from all uppercase, it was hurting my eyes 🙂

Albino Ghost Monkey [US], Bit Shifter [US], Bubblyfish [US], Patric Catani [DE], Chromix [US], Disasterpeace [US], Eat Rabbit [FR], Failotron [HU], Fighter X [US], Glomag [US], The Hunters [JP], I, Cactus [US], The J. Arthur Keenes Band [CA], Je Deviens DJ En Trois Jours [FR], Leeni [US], Little-Scale [AU], Minusbaby [US], Nullsleep [US], Psilodump [SE], Rainbowdragoneyes [US], Silent Requiem [US], Starscream [US], David Sugar [GB], Trashcanman [SE]

The C-Men [NL], Enso [US], Jean Y. Kim [US], Rosa Menkman, No Carrier [US], Outpt [US], Paris [US], Vblank [US]


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