Blockparty 2008 Speaker List Finalized

With over two months to go until Blockparty, the list of speakers is already full!

  • The Fat Man: Art Behind Enemy Lines: A Target-Rich Environment
  • Jake “virt” Kaufman: FM Synthesis – Beyond the Adlib
  • Fred Owsley: Circuit-Bending Will Get You Laid!! (Maybe)
  • Jim “Trixter” Leonard: Self-Preservation Mode: Lessons Learned While Archiving Demoscene History
  • Jeri Ellsworth: CPU Not Required: Making Demos with FPGAs
  • Tim “Guybrush” Cowley: Automated Psychedelia : Translating sound into color and motion

And remember, those are just the “Blockparty speakers”; there will be many others at Notacon discussing broader topics.


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  1. IC Says:

    I hardly recognized Guybrush, but the handle seems even more appropriate now :). I think I’m going to be very busy at Blockparty this year!

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