Blockparty 2010 preliminary results and news

Another successful edition of Blockparty, thanks to another successful edition of Notacon, took place last weekend. We have a partial list of attendees.Official results, and links to various photos, videos, and reports, will be up soon. Here are some preliminary, very unofficial results:

1. Size Doesn’t Matter by Coda (7kb intro)
2. Sweet PEG Hoe by Northern Dragons & Bawlz
3. Box Festival by Brainstorm

There were only two oldskool demo entries, the winner being a Colecovision demo, run on original hardware for the compo, by Krue (his first demo).

1. Wyndham Reality by The Peppers Gang – another Second Reality real-life/human “demo”, done entirely at the hotel by a once-anonymous crew that turned out to be the Blockparty organizers themselves. They forfeited their prizes, which went to 2nd through 4th place instead.
2. Criticalartware
3. All That Glitters Is Not Code by Tabernac – a stop-motion assortment of demo-like effects, again done entirely at the party place.

For the first time, there was a live compo stream. You can watch it again, with all the zany antics, at

Coda also won the music compo and placed 2nd in the oldskool music compo, which was won by Lapine. Guybrush held a workshop for using Processing code to create realtime visual effects for DJs. Criticalartware showed three entries from a “glitch compo” held in their hotel room.

As Jason Scott promised five of them, Blockparty 2011 will take place. However, it will not be in Cleveland, but rather in California, most likely the bay area. It will also be later in the year, around September. Nothing else is certain yet. Notacon will still take place around April in Cleveland, although it will not be in the Wyndham hotel, and another demo party might take Blockparty’s place alongside it.

Update: Photos!


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  1. blackpawn Says:

    so glad the ustream was done that was great! also great is the announcement of the next blockparty in california!! i misunderstood though i thought it was going to be in late 2010 not late 2011. is it really 2011?

  2. phoenix Says:

    As far as I know, yeah.. it would be kinda weird to have one Blockparty just a few months after the other.. but I could be wrong.

  3. gd Says:

    goodbye cleveland!

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