“Memories of NAID” DVD released

UPDATE: Now on archive.org! Thanks to Sketch the Cow. 🙂

In anticipation of the NAID organizers visiting @party this year, and unable to attend himself, Trixter (Hornet, MindCandy) spent some time working up a video DVD of all the high-quality NAID footage he had copies of. It’s called “Memories of NAID” and includes the following footage:

  • “NAID ’95″ tape compiled by the organizers
  • “NAID ’96″ tape compiled by the organizers
  • “IC and Soundgun do NAID ’96″ by IC, with a 2012 introduction by IC
  • Four local news programs on NAID ’95
  • 8 minutes of NAID ’95 registration and guestbook signing with lots of familiar faces
  • 2 minutes of NAID ’96 classroom footage

It’s a little over 2 hours of footage of the height of the 1990s North American demoscene. Also included on the DVD-ROM section is all of the demos, music, party reports, and other miscellany associated with both NAID parties.

You can download the DVD .ISO here: archive.org or oldskool.org


4 Responses to ““Memories of NAID” DVD released”

  1. startup Says:

    Nice, but with 35KB/s is not the speed to download DVD iso :/

  2. phoenix Says:

    Now on archive.org: http://archive.org/details/memories-of-naid-dvd

  3. gd Says:

    I’m really eager to see this! Downloading now.

  4. tarkin Says:

    HOw do I get in touch with IC, who did the intro for this? I can’t find anything online…

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