Mini Demoparty photos and results

The “mini demoparty” (yes, that was the name), held in San Francisco on June 15th, attracted 25 visitors, including long-time scene veterans and some visitors/transplants from other countries. There were only three competition entries, and one of them was the voting form :). But the winner, Ledtro, made on an ATmega-powered a 25×25 LED display, is definitely worth checking out. There’s also a bit on Pfister’s blog. Head to the mini-demoparty website for results, attendee list (find out who had waffles!), and photo links, along with the info page humorously rewritten in past tense, and a novel idea of “unlocked” prizes depending on number of entries (in the end, GD, the organizer, decided to give them all out anyway). Let’s hope for some more productive mini parties!


4 Responses to “Mini Demoparty photos and results”

  1. Trixter Says:

    Can’t seem to get the list of attendees, but I thought I saw Khyron there. Is the list in another place somewhere?

  2. phoenix Says:

    Hmm? It’s right here:

  3. gd Says:

    Khyron was invited but didn’t make it. =(

  4. kaneel Says:

    Dunno why I’m posting here but… Shiva/Kolor is from germany I do think eheh 🙂

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