No NVISION in 2009

From techPowerUp!, Monday, March 16 2009:


Deteriorating world economy claims another victim in the tech world: NVISION, the annual flagship visual-computing promotional event by NVIDIA for 2009 is reportedly called off, according industry observer DigiTimes. NVISION draws parallels with MacWorld Expo, an event that showcases Apple technologies.

NVIDIA hosts the NVISION event ideally in the third quarter of an year. NVISION ’08 was held in between August 25th and 27th, at the San Jose Convention Center, California, United States. The economic decline has reduced the number of attendees considering visiting the show, says NVIDIA. It was added that the company would hold several smaller forums in the coming fall.

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10 Responses to “No NVISION in 2009”

  1. phoenix Says:

    This isn’t exactly a big surprise. While I’m incredibly grateful for NVScene last year, the whole NVision conference was a bit.. exuberant, given the recession had already begun. Amazing how quickly spending habits, in the business world and consumer world, have changed so quickly in one year.

  2. s_tec Says:

    That is a bummer, but I can see where they are coming from. NVScene 2008 was the most insane party ever, and it would be unreasonable to expect them to drop that kind of cash in this climate. Perhaps the Mini Demoparty in San Francisco will expand a bit in it’s place; I’d certainly drive up for the occasion. In the mean time, there is always Blockparty to think about.

  3. Trixter Says:

    Yeah, not a surprise in this economic climate. I think it will be a few years before nvision returns (and hopefully nvscene with it).

    I just wish they hadn’t squirreled away the nvision webpages so quickly (have to go to to find info on the speakers, etc.)

  4. BarZoule Says:

    sucks but expected. i guess RVScene won’t happen either ? 😉
    would be nice if the Mini Demoparty in SF would expand and take its place, as suggests s_Tec.

  5. Nezbie Says:

    Well, that’s quite a shame. I was particularly looking forward to it since I will likely be in the region at that time. However, considering the dearth of news compared to last year, I was almost expecting this.

    Fingers crossed for ’10.

  6. gloom Says:

    I am really sad about this, but at the same time I understand why they had to cancel it, and after all: it wasn’t unexpected. I really hope that someone picks up the momentum we built up with NVScene 2008 and try to keep it going. Some Mini demoparty in San Francisco is a GOOD idea, and if anyone local decides to go somewhere with that idea, I’m available for tips, tricks, help or whatever to get it started.

  7. blackpawn Says:

    okay we need to do a miniparty in the seattle area too 🙂

  8. matecha Says:

    Yeah, for real! While SF is a pretty huge trip (being that I am in Vancouver), driving down to Seattle is no prob (in fact, I’ll be doing that in Sept for PAX ’09). 😉

  9. phoenix Says:

    Hey, it just so happens that we have a forum for this! 🙂

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