NVISION 08 Announced

It appears that the European demoscene outreach tour of California is starting to bear some major fruit. nVidia has announced NVISION, a gathering of “gamers, visual artists, game developers, and others enjoying truly unique events around downtown San Jose”. Of specific interest:

For the first time in the U.S., creative minds interested in demoscene, game modding, machinima, and digital art will join forces at NVSCENE to network, learn, compete, and show the world what they are capable of.

They may not be calling it a “demo party”, but their digital art show looks promising for demosceners. If they do announce coding competitions, one’s mouth will likely water at the prize offerings.

NVISION 08 is scheduled for August 25th-27th. West coast, time to come out of the woodworks!


7 Responses to “NVISION 08 Announced”

  1. s_tec Says:

    !!!! I am so totally there !!!!

  2. Gargaj Says:

    Not meaning to be picky but they prefer the spelling as NVIDIA 🙂

  3. micksam7 Says:

    May not beable to make that one, but I’d love to be there. 😀

  4. gloom Says:

    It is indeed a demoparty btw 🙂 Stay tuned for details.

  5. Inspired Chaos Says:

    Sweeet, that’s definately a target to hit.

  6. micksam7 Says:

    sorry to gloom – our spam filter caught your comments.

  7. gloom Says:

    You can probably delete that dupe message then. 🙂 I thought it was something wrong with my Firefox session or something and posted again.

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