NVScene seminar videos available

Finally, video clips from the NVScene seminars at NVision are available online.  Thanks to Temis/NVidia, Trixter/Hornet, and Demoscene.tv for arranging the video recording and capture.   For now, they are viewable exclusively at demoscene.tv, and eventually they will be available at scene.org and archive.org for download.  Clips included are:

  • Preacher / Traction – The other side of programming
  • iQ / RGBA – Rendering worlds with raytracing on the GPU
  • Pixtur / Still – Understanding realtime as design potential
  • Navis / ASD – Deconstructing demos: from conception to performance
  • Bonzaj / Plastic – Interactive elements in Linger In Shadows
  • Chaos / Farbrausch – From .kkrieger to debris


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