@party 2011 – 4 days left to register! (UPDATED)

The deadline to register to attend @party ’11 (Harvard, MA, June 17th-19th) is June 6th. All attendees must register, so if you want to be there, hit the site below by this Monday! The deadline for remote competition entries is one week later, June 13th.

Meanwhile, a couple of live performances have been announced:


Disasterpeace is originally from New York City, but currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he completed a degree in Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music. He is working as a freelance composer/sound designer for Video Games.

The Attic Bits

Arkbit and the Attic Bat are The Attic Bits, two chiptune artists from New Hampshire. Drawing on such diverse influences as J Dilla and Sigur Ros, the duo uses a unique combination of electronics to create 8-bit dance and ambient music.



  • The registration deadline is now June 10th.
  • Mozilla Labs has been added as a sponsor.
  • Two browser demo compos have been added.
  • A seminar on WebGL has been added.
  • A third performance from Ulysses Campbell has been added.
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    1. Forcer Says:

      it’s long after @party 2011, hope Phoenix will add some more news soon.
      Anything new about BLOCK5ARTY?

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