@party – final day to register and submit remote compo entries!

Midnight on the 7th — your @party registrations will need to have been made and remote entries will need to have been submitted to us via email at atparty dot demoscene09 at g mail dot com

News for folks with graphics entries: our projector will be an Epson 8100, 1920×1080 max res, 3 lcd, 1800 lumens.

We may have another musical guest or two not noted on the website joining us and will publicize this if so. As noted, there will be free dinner sponsored by Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Saturday night and we are live streaming concerts and compos.

We thank all those who have already made their remote submissions or registrations. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

See you @ the party!


2 Responses to “@party – final day to register and submit remote compo entries!”

  1. Jason Scott Says:

    No link to atparty’s website?

  2. phoenix Says:

    There we go.

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