@party Montreal Miniparty releases and results

The second 1-day demoparty in Montreal co-sponsored by @party was successful, attracting around 30 attendees, possibly the largest Montreal scene gathering since Coma 2001. Even NAID ’95-96 organizers Mr. Khan and MEd stopped by! Again there was a fast demo (multi-platform) compo, and here are the results (it’s a safe bet that there was a “potato” theme :):

1. Poutine by Quebarium
2. Tubercule by Madbrain
2. Voxel patate frite by Joachim and Dr Dub
4. Fuck potatoes I like bananas by The Muffin Group
5. @patat by Unkelben
6. Aek un patate by Northern Dragons
6. Potatotopia by yesso
8. Potato flue by XyNo

Some releases can be found at http://pouet.net/party.php?which=1547&when=2011.

René Walling provided the prizes, a Nintendo 64 (which went to Québarium, the 1st place winners), a Sun Sparc (which went to Madbrain tied for 2nd place), and a variety of SCSI hard drives and CD-ROM drives, which went to other winners.

PsychNerd of SceneSat provided coverage on their website: http://scenesat.com/relive.

(Thanks to Metoikos for information via “@party news thread” on Pouet).

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