PixelJam – April 15-17 2011, Cleveland OH

PixelJam is North America’s newest demoparty, following the tradition started with Blockparty at Notacon. With the departure of Blockparty (moving to the west coast and later in 2011), they want a fresh approach to having a demoparty in conjunction with the Notacon event.

PixelJam will feature a total of 9 compos ranging from music to animation to traditional demos. Notacon itself has pledged over $1,500 in total prize money, with more prizes to be announced as they secure sponsorship deals. They are also dedicating 2,500 square feet of conference space to a coding lounge and projection space.

More news coming soon…


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    Temp discussion place: http://demoscene.us/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=351

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