Pardon for the late notice, but today (Feb 11) is the last day for the $75 pre-registration rate for Notacon 8/Pixeljam 2011. After today it goes up to $100. Sign up at I just did. 🙂 They’ve also added a presentation about the Scanimate – analog graphics are cool.

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Demo or Bust 2010 pack

News by on February 7th, 2011

Sigflup has made her “Demo Or Bust” net radio series available for download. There are six shows included, featuring software/FM synthesis, raytracing, NES, parties, and interviews with various sceners in North America. 127Mb, 9 hours total.

For those who feared another December blizzard, rejoice! The original New York 8-bit music festival, which has since spawned Europe and Japan editions, returns to Eyebeam artspace in Manhattan for three days in the late spring, May 19th-21st. It will feature the usual onslaught of music performances, along with VJs, workshops, and presentations. Lineup is forthcoming.


PixelJam is North America’s newest demoparty, following the tradition started with Blockparty at Notacon. With the departure of Blockparty (moving to the west coast and later in 2011), they want a fresh approach to having a demoparty in conjunction with the Notacon event.

PixelJam will feature a total of 9 compos ranging from music to animation to traditional demos. Notacon itself has pledged over $1,500 in total prize money, with more prizes to be announced as they secure sponsorship deals. They are also dedicating 2,500 square feet of conference space to a coding lounge and projection space.

More news coming soon…

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TMDC 13 Invitation

News by on November 15th, 2010

The text mode demo competition is back for a 13th round! Invtro comes courtesy Northern Dragons & Bawlz, the current compo masters. Submission deadline is December 12, 2010.

Invite here:
Compo here:

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Metoikos connected with the folks at Foulab, a Montréal hackerspace, and there will be a fast democompo (onsite entries only) and demoshow on November 27.

The event starts at 10:00. Entries will be due approximately two hours before the demoshow, which is at 19:00. Voting will start around 23:00.

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Update: SceneBox has moved back two weeks, new dates shown.

SceneBox is a series of talks, workshops and freestyle hack days for demosceners, mod-trackers, webgeeks and 1337 [email protected] who want to explore emerging technologies together in ways that will help them accomplish their technical and artistic goals. SceneBox is a Bocoup / @party collaboration.

Join us Friday, September 17th, starting at 6:30 PM, at The Bocoup Loft (, an open source hackerspace in Boston. Admission is free! Then, come back on Saturday the 4th for Hackday, bring your hardware and software, and show off some cool stuff on their big screen. There will be lots of JavaScript/HTML5 coders around, so if you’re interested in web stuff, don’t miss it.

A new face

News by on August 11th, 2010

Congratulations to The Finn/DC5 on the arrival of his son, Desmond! (as mentioned in the @party demo scroller 🙂 We wish the best for the new mother and father.

Wait, we have a poster?

News by on July 14th, 2010

I have to keep an eye on the @party Facebook page more often. I just noticed this little present:

Big thanks to NA-scene transplant Forcer/Hellcore^Mosaic!

If you attended @party 2010, we want your feedback. We hope to hold another @party next year, and your response will help us determine what’s most important to partygoers.

We are also accepting donations to help make next year’s party possible.