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Party: Amiga Convention 1996


Very little information remains about Amiga Convention. From what I (phoenix) know, it took place at least four times, from 1993 to 1996, in Montreal. It was more of a traditional computer convention (with vendors and presenters) than a demo party, but at least in 1995, there was a demoscene connection. Bear in mind, the Amiga demo/music scene was a major part of the Amiga community as a whole.

AC'96 took place from August 3-4, 1996, at the Howard Johnson Sherbrooke West in Montreal. There were supposedly graphics, music, and demo competitions. There was a report in Amazing Computing/Amiga Oct '96 (magazine), but I haven't found text from it yet.

The sample text in the MOD "Early Mornings" by The Zapper claims that it won the music compo at AC'96.


Montreal, QC

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