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Party: NAID 1995


Aqualung, b0b, Balrog, Basehead, Benoit C., Black Beast, Black Knight, Boggart, Bryan Wagner, Byron Suave, C.C.Catch, Coluche, Daredevil, Dark Angle, Dark Avenger, Depth, Diablo, Digital Shock, Draggy, Dynamic Harmony, Enigma, Epeius, Floss, Freejack, Friar Tuck, Fulg, Geronimo, Grey Cat, Hegor, Hellmaster, IOR, Ix, Jaydee, K8to, Krystall, LakEEE, Laserlore, Le Barman, Likuid Krystal, Mad Scientist, Maelcum, Mat, Matryx, Mayhem, Mental Floss, Mosaic, Music Man, Mystro, Necros, Nog Og Xo, Pallbearer, Parallax, Perisoft, Phoenix, Populus, PsychoMan, Psyke, Pure Evil, Pyromaniac, Ranger Rick, Replay, Rhythm Greene, Rush, Siren, Sirrus, Skeezix, Snibble, Soundwave, Spud, Synapse, T.L.S., The Crispy Messiah, The Duellist, The Earth Gazer, the Hacker, The Humanoid, The Zapper, Theolius, Tiger Claw, Totem, Trixter, Tumbling, Typhon, VIP, Virtual $eeker, Visigoth, Vizz, Voodoo, Warp, White Noise, White Shadow, White Wizard, Windsinger, Yesso, Yngwie

Compo Judges:

gd, Miss Saigon, Snowman


MEd, Mr. Khan, Struk, Veritech Knight



NAID (North American International Demoparty) was North America's first ever demoparty, held at the College Edouard-Montpetit in Longueuil, a sizeable town just outside of Montreal, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.


Longeuil, Quebec, Canada






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