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Party: NAID 1996


Aahz, Anarchy Tech, Andude, Anix, Annihilatus, Armitage, b0b, Bacon Bit, Balrog, Basehead, Benoit C., Bishop, Black Beast, Blue Gravity, Brazil, Breakpoint, C.C.Catch, CarterUSM, Cipher, Clueless, Cyclone, C_ray_C, Dark Avenger, Dark Druid, Darkheart, Darkwolf, Dataflow, Deep Star, Defex, Deks, Delta-X, Depth, Diablo, Draggy, Drutten, Dynamic Harmony, Epeius, Evolution, Floss, Fred, Freejack, Frost, Fulg, Future Assassin, gd, Gravel, Grimace, Grubwerm, Harry, Headless Rider, Hegor, Hybrid, Incarnate, Inspired Chaos, Integris, InTense, IOR, Iron Man, Ith, Jason Scott, Jaydee, Jazm, Jeepee, Jimmy Superfly, jmX, Joe Snow, K8to, Kal Zakath, Keith Straka, Khyron, Kilowack, Kindred, Kneebiter, Kosh, Krystall, LakEEE, Le Barman, Lethal, Likuid Krystal, Lintec, Lord Blanka, MadAssCow, Mana Knight, Mat, Matju, Matryx, Mayhem, Mellow-D, Mental Floss, MindWarp, Miss Saigon, mJan, Moby Disk, Morbius, Mosaic, Moutte, MrData--, Muad'Dib, Mysterio, Nado, Nebulous, NoLuck, Null, Oman, Omega, One1, Onyx, Overbored, Parallax, Perisoft, Pfister, Phatboy, Phlare, Phoenix, Porus, ProKrastinator, PsychoMan, Psyke, Purple Zodiac, Purple-X, Pyromaniac, RadMan, Rems, Rendered Useless, Rhythm Greene, Rimbo, Runtime, Saxy, Scarab, Seks, Shaithis, Sinned Soul, Skie, Smeghead, Snake Grunger, Snibble, Solstice, Spieg, Stote, Styves, The Dead, The Dead Vulcan, the Hacker, The Humanoid, The Night Prowler, The Pope, The Tick, The Zapper, Toc, Tran, Tronster, Tyr, Van Halen, Vastator, Vector, Vegas, Vibrance, VIP, Visigoth, Vizz, Vlad the Impaler, Warp, White Noise, X-Day, Xavier, Yesso, Zodiack

Compo Judges:

Daredevil, ShawnM, Snowman, Trixter


Kiwidog, Necros


MEd, Mr. Khan, Struk, Veritech Knight



NAID (North American International Demoparty) was North America's first ever demoparty, held at the College Edouard-Montpetit in Longueuil, a sizeable town just outside of Montreal, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.


Longeuil, Quebec, Canada



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