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Registration is now open for @party 2011, go to to sign up before June 7th.

Also, @party and Boston8bit will be hosting a chiptune concert and demo show as part of the Boston CyberArts Festival, at the Atlantic Wharf on April 24th, from 3-6pm.

Event link:

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After all the 8-bit goodness that has blessed New York City and the east coast in the form of the annual Blip Festival and the monthly Pulsewave, the west coast gets their own mini chiptune tour in the form of DataBeez this November. Starting on the 7th in LA, it works its way up to San Francisco on the 12th, then Portland and finally Seattle on the 20th. There, they will be blessed with visuals from Guybrush/Northern Dragons and Blackpawn/XPLSV. They have already started work on some interesting effects in Processing. Would you like to see a sample? Here’s a Youtube clip. Musical performers will include Minusbaby, Starpause (aka K9D/Northern Dragons), Leeni, Mr. Spastic, and Crashfaster.

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