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The third edition of @party moves this year, to Space with a Soul ideaLounge in the city of Boston. Registration is now open! The party website has information on travel, lodging, and all sorts of other things in the area. They are also on the lookout for volunteers and sponsors.

@party will be holding two promotional events at Artisans Asylum in Somerville MA: a presentation and demo show on April 27th, and a screening of “Moleman 2: Art of the Algorithms” (a Hungarian documentary film on the demoscene) on May 23rd. – Registration – @party website


The second 1-day demoparty in Montreal co-sponsored by @party was successful, attracting around 30 attendees, possibly the largest Montreal scene gathering since Coma 2001. Even NAID ’95-96 organizers Mr. Khan and MEd stopped by! Again there was a fast demo (multi-platform) compo, and here are the results (it’s a safe bet that there was a “potato” theme :):

1. Poutine by Quebarium
2. Tubercule by Madbrain
2. Voxel patate frite by Joachim and Dr Dub
4. Fuck potatoes I like bananas by The Muffin Group
5. @patat by Unkelben
6. Aek un patate by Northern Dragons
6. Potatotopia by yesso
8. Potato flue by XyNo

Some releases can be found at

René Walling provided the prizes, a Nintendo 64 (which went to Québarium, the 1st place winners), a Sun Sparc (which went to Madbrain tied for 2nd place), and a variety of SCSI hard drives and CD-ROM drives, which went to other winners.

PsychNerd of SceneSat provided coverage on their website:

(Thanks to Metoikos for information via “@party news thread” on Pouet).

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The deadline to register to attend @party ’11 (Harvard, MA, June 17th-19th) is June 6th. All attendees must register, so if you want to be there, hit the site below by this Monday! The deadline for remote competition entries is one week later, June 13th.

Meanwhile, a couple of live performances have been announced:


Disasterpeace is originally from New York City, but currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he completed a degree in Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music. He is working as a freelance composer/sound designer for Video Games.

The Attic Bits

Arkbit and the Attic Bat are The Attic Bits, two chiptune artists from New Hampshire. Drawing on such diverse influences as J Dilla and Sigur Ros, the duo uses a unique combination of electronics to create 8-bit dance and ambient music.


  • The registration deadline is now June 10th.
  • Mozilla Labs has been added as a sponsor.
  • Two browser demo compos have been added.
  • A seminar on WebGL has been added.
  • A third performance from Ulysses Campbell has been added.
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    Nuance has released the official invitation demo for @party 2011. It can be found on Pouet and FTP. It was presented at Revision 2011 where it placed 4th in the PC demo compo. If you lack a suitable Windows machine, we will post a video capture here by next week.

    P.S. This would be a good time as any to register for @party if you’re interested in going. 🙂

    Update: “Live” compo video here.


    Registration is now open for @party 2011, go to to sign up before June 7th.

    Also, @party and Boston8bit will be hosting a chiptune concert and demo show as part of the Boston CyberArts Festival, at the Atlantic Wharf on April 24th, from 3-6pm.

    Event link:

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    @party returns for a second year of demos, competitions, and live 8-bit music!  Bedrooms, BBQ grill, campfire, kitchen, computer tables, meadow, and lounge room all return as we’re welcomed back to the Friendly Crossways hostel and retreat center in the greater Boston area.

    This year, @party is proud to join up with Boston Cyberarts, who promote digital art throughout the Boston area with various collaborations and their own arts festival taking place in April-May.

    Pre-registration will be necessary again, so stay tuned for news when it’s ready. Also there will be info forthcoming on live performances and a DVD compilation including the four awesome shows from last year’s party.  New volunteers and sponsors are welcome!

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    If you attended @party 2010, we want your feedback. We hope to hold another @party next year, and your response will help us determine what’s most important to partygoers.

    We are also accepting donations to help make next year’s party possible.


    @party 2010 post party links

    News by on June 27th, 2010

    The first @party is over (one week ago, actually)! 44 people filled the quaint little hostel in eastern Mass., along with a bus full of Singapore-MIT students on Saturday night. All the compo prizes were handmade — trophies for the winners and cookies and fudge for 2nd and 3rd place. Remote entries were counted in votes but not eligible for prizes (sorry guys :). There were four live music acts, a presentation on NES video effect mixing, and a screening of the Get Lamp documentary.

    Compo results:
    Demo/wild compo releases with reviews:
    Some more downloads (e.g. music):

    Videos from the live streams of the competitions and performances:
    More footage of the performances:

    Trixter’s photos:[email protected]/sets/72157624309167974/
    Luis’ photos:
    IC’s photos:
    Jason’s photos:

    Some of these photos and more will be posted to Slengpung in the near future.

    Thanks to everyone who came and helped us out – it took many volunteers to make this successful. If you have any more post-party links, let us know! We will be conducting an @party survey soon, and gauging interest in an @party DVD which will help us balance our budget. Keep an eye on our official website: We hope to do this again next year!


    Midnight on the 7th — your @party registrations will need to have been made and remote entries will need to have been submitted to us via email at atparty dot demoscene09 at g mail dot com

    News for folks with graphics entries: our projector will be an Epson 8100, 1920×1080 max res, 3 lcd, 1800 lumens.

    We may have another musical guest or two not noted on the website joining us and will publicize this if so. As noted, there will be free dinner sponsored by Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Saturday night and we are live streaming concerts and compos.

    We thank all those who have already made their remote submissions or registrations. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

    See you @ the party!


    Time is counting down to America’s new summer demo party – start planning those competition entries! Added to the list of live performers is cTrix, all the way from Australia! He organizes Syntax Party down there and will join us for an hour-long set of kicking dance music with an Amiga 500 thrown in. How about a full, free dinner Saturday night? The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab has generously sponsored an Italian dinner for all attendees. @party is warming up to the Boston IF scene with a new Interactive Fiction game compo – get ready for some creative writing! There will be an onsite contest to redesign the @party logo for next year, and some surprise outdoor compos.

    Haven’t registered yet? All attendees must do so by June 7th at If you’re staying overnight, beds will be available for everyone, but if you prefer a private room (2-3 beds) to a larger one, you had better act soon!

    @party 2010 – June 18th-20th, Friendly Crossways, Harvard MA, USA. Visit for more info, compos, attendees, performances, site pics and more!