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After two successful “@party Minidemo Montréal” events, Canada is ready for its first weekend-long demoparty since 2001! Récursion will take place from November 23-25, 2012, at Concordia University in Montréal. They will have the essential demo, graphics, music, and wild competitions, along with a fast demo compo on Saturday. Remote entries are accepted. For the latest news and information, visit the official party page.


CMUCC is pleased to announce that we will be holding a second rendition of Demosplash! Please join us for two fun, demo-filled days.

As before, we will have a focus on watching many of the greatest demos that have been released, on authentic hardware. This year, we will also be offering an expanded retro gaming session and audience rankings to determine the favorite demos of all time.

Want to release a demo, intro, or other prod at Demosplash? Please, by all means, do so! Don’t let our focus on watching classics and other previously-released demos make you think we don’t want to see new demos. Rather, we just know as a practical matter that entries at US demo parties can be light at times, and want to ensure we have plenty to watch. All entries submitted will be screened at the party, and we will offer prizes for the best ones.


Amongst all the nice compo entries from Revision 2012 in Germany last weekend were some made-in-the-USA contributions. Be sure to check out:

  • Blockparty 5 Non-Invitation – code/music by Coda, gfx by Forcer and nrr. Invtro for Blockparty 5 (planned in 2011, but no official plan to date) released on its own. 9th place in the PC demo compo.
  • Funky Fresh – code by Luis, gfx by Forcer. Interactive BD-J demo for a Blu-ray player! 2nd place in the wild demo compo.
  • Peridiummmm – music/gfx by Coda. Demo for the STM32F4 microcontroller. 5th place in the wild demo compo.

Congrats to them. Let us know if we missed any!

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CMUCC is organizing a new party/show at their home base in Pittsburgh, Demosplash. In addition to some small competitions, a major part of Demosplash is getting together to enjoy, on authentic hardware, many of the great demos that have been released throughout the history of the demoscene. Think of it as a demo-watching party!

Date: Oct. 21 & 22, 2011
Location: Gates Hillman Center, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA


@party returns for a second year of demos, competitions, and live 8-bit music!  Bedrooms, BBQ grill, campfire, kitchen, computer tables, meadow, and lounge room all return as we’re welcomed back to the Friendly Crossways hostel and retreat center in the greater Boston area.

This year, @party is proud to join up with Boston Cyberarts, who promote digital art throughout the Boston area with various collaborations and their own arts festival taking place in April-May.

Pre-registration will be necessary again, so stay tuned for news when it’s ready. Also there will be info forthcoming on live performances and a DVD compilation including the four awesome shows from last year’s party.  New volunteers and sponsors are welcome!

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PixelJam is North America’s newest demoparty, following the tradition started with Blockparty at Notacon. With the departure of Blockparty (moving to the west coast and later in 2011), they want a fresh approach to having a demoparty in conjunction with the Notacon event.

PixelJam will feature a total of 9 compos ranging from music to animation to traditional demos. Notacon itself has pledged over $1,500 in total prize money, with more prizes to be announced as they secure sponsorship deals. They are also dedicating 2,500 square feet of conference space to a coding lounge and projection space.

More news coming soon…

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Metoikos connected with the folks at Foulab, a Montréal hackerspace, and there will be a fast democompo (onsite entries only) and demoshow on November 27.

The event starts at 10:00. Entries will be due approximately two hours before the demoshow, which is at 19:00. Voting will start around 23:00.

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We’re excited to announce another new US demoparty, this one a summer retreat coming next year. @party will be held in mid-June at a meeting hall & hostel in Harvard, Massachusetts (the town, not the university), about 30 miles northwest of Boston and a few hours from New York City and Montreal.

The official website is here. More info will surface in the next few months.

Also, be sure to fill out their survey, so they know what compos and activities people are interested in.

@party discussion is welcome in our forum.

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The “mini demoparty” (yes, that was the name), held in San Francisco on June 15th, attracted 25 visitors, including long-time scene veterans and some visitors/transplants from other countries. There were only three competition entries, and one of them was the voting form :). But the winner, Ledtro, made on an ATmega-powered a 25×25 LED display, is definitely worth checking out. There’s also a bit on Pfister’s blog. Head to the mini-demoparty website for results, attendee list (find out who had waffles!), and photo links, along with the info page humorously rewritten in past tense, and a novel idea of “unlocked” prizes depending on number of entries (in the end, GD, the organizer, decided to give them all out anyway). Let’s hope for some more productive mini parties!