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Trailer Park Demos released the full source code for the Blockparty 2008 Invitation today on their website. The release contains all the improvements to the Trailer Park Demos technology over the past year, including the group’s internal demo editing tool. In other words, this is the source code for an unreleased final version rather than the party version from a year ago. This release is worth checking out, since demo groups do not often share their latest and greatest work with the public. The project compiles under Visual Studio 2005 and uses OpenGL for rendering.

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If you follow Blackpawn’s Twitter feed, you probably know that he and the XPLSV crew have been hard at work on the Blockparty 2009 Invitation. If not, you are probably wondering where the invitation is. Well, the wait is over. You can now snag the finished demo on, or sit back and enjoy the video capture on Be warned: this demo contains shiney awesomeness.

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NVScene Invite Released

News by on March 24th, 2008

The NVScene Invite is out!

Farbrausch and Neuro’s very colorful invitation can be found at Breakpoint’s FTP and our US Mirror.

Edit: Video Capture [mp4] avalible.

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