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Registration is now open for @party 2011, go to to sign up before June 7th.

Also, @party and Boston8bit will be hosting a chiptune concert and demo show as part of the Boston CyberArts Festival, at the Atlantic Wharf on April 24th, from 3-6pm.

Event link:

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Rampage, aka Turkish Rambo, is now available on DVD! The folks at Dark Maze Studios have rescued the 1986 film from the vaults of Turkey and re-dubbed the voices, while Virt / Brainstorm has created a new musical score which sounds well over the original budget. He previewed it at the Blockparty 2009 wild compo. The DVD is on sale here:

And the soundtrack is available for free here!

So grab your plastic bazookas and go on a RAMPAGE! (Thoonk!) (Boom!)

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