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UPDATE: Now on! Thanks to Sketch the Cow. 🙂

In anticipation of the NAID organizers visiting @party this year, and unable to attend himself, Trixter (Hornet, MindCandy) spent some time working up a video DVD of all the high-quality NAID footage he had copies of. It’s called “Memories of NAID” and includes the following footage:

  • “NAID ’95″ tape compiled by the organizers
  • “NAID ’96″ tape compiled by the organizers
  • “IC and Soundgun do NAID ’96″ by IC, with a 2012 introduction by IC
  • Four local news programs on NAID ’95
  • 8 minutes of NAID ’95 registration and guestbook signing with lots of familiar faces
  • 2 minutes of NAID ’96 classroom footage

It’s a little over 2 hours of footage of the height of the 1990s North American demoscene. Also included on the DVD-ROM section is all of the demos, music, party reports, and other miscellany associated with both NAID parties.

You can download the DVD .ISO here: or


Next weekend is the anniversary of NAID ’95, and gd is organizing an audio conference among people who were there. There’s a Facebook event with all of the details. If you’d like to participate and haven’t been invited to the Facebook event yet, please let him know. If you don’t use Facebook, he can send you the details the old fashioned way.

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