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TMDC 13 Invitation

News by on November 15th, 2010

The text mode demo competition is back for a 13th round! Invtro comes courtesy Northern Dragons & Bawlz, the current compo masters. Submission deadline is December 12, 2010.

Invite here:
Compo here:

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TMDC12 invitation intro released

News by on November 11th, 2009

Northern Dragons has released the invite for the 12th Textmode Demo Compo, called “Pimp My Squid!”. Info and download links are on the Pouet page.

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After all the 8-bit goodness that has blessed New York City and the east coast in the form of the annual Blip Festival and the monthly Pulsewave, the west coast gets their own mini chiptune tour in the form of DataBeez this November. Starting on the 7th in LA, it works its way up to San Francisco on the 12th, then Portland and finally Seattle on the 20th. There, they will be blessed with visuals from Guybrush/Northern Dragons and Blackpawn/XPLSV. They have already started work on some interesting effects in Processing. Would you like to see a sample? Here’s a Youtube clip. Musical performers will include Minusbaby, Starpause (aka K9D/Northern Dragons), Leeni, Mr. Spastic, and Crashfaster.

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TMDC Results now Online

News by on January 18th, 2009

The Northern Dragons have concluded their Text Mode Demo Competition, and the results are now online at the compo website and on pouet. This is the Northern Dragon’s first year hosting the competition after picking up the torch from tAAt, and the results look excellent! Let’s hear it for the Northern Dragons, and all those who contributed entries to the compo!

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The Northern Dragons have released a parody invitation for the upcoming NVision demoparty. The demo, released by “NDivia,” invites you to the “GinVision 2008” demo party. The party features several wonderful competitions, including:

  • 4k PC
  • 4k GP32X Game
  • PSP music dic^Hsk
  • GBA 3D wild
  • Euroweenie-eating contest
  • Monkey Island Speedrun contest
  • Acoustic Guitar Hero
  • ATI Card throwing / skeet shoot
  • Rob is Jarig Dance Marathon

In addition, attendees receive free booze and a Tesla supercomputer! Naturally, the entire invitation, including the imaginary demo party, is a joke. The demo’s author, Guybrush, writes on pouet:

To be totally clear: we <3 nvidia and are looking forward to nvision with incredible excitement, SO much excitement that we’re going crazy having to fabricate details of the compos and events. I think they deserve to be this arrogant towards their competitors… anyway, ALL of the blame for how much this sucks lies completely on us, Garg and Temis had absolutely nothing to do with this. I’m looking forward to CNS completely crushing us with the real invite. Actually I’m kind of scared.

You can see this hilarious trainwreck of a demo on There is also a thread on the pouet bbs.

Note: The real NVScene invite was presented at Breakpoint by Farbrausch and Neuro (I originally thought it would be Conspiracy, but they cooperated on an Evoke invite instead).  We’ll link to it when it’s released.  -phoenix

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Seattle represent. The tenth, and sadly, last Textmode Demo Competition is over, and ND/XPLSV narrowly squeezed out a first place victory with their new demo, “Clockwerck”. Download and review it at

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