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No NVISION in 2009

News by on March 16th, 2009

From techPowerUp!, Monday, March 16 2009:


Deteriorating world economy claims another victim in the tech world: NVISION, the annual flagship visual-computing promotional event by NVIDIA for 2009 is reportedly called off, according industry observer DigiTimes. NVISION draws parallels with MacWorld Expo, an event that showcases Apple technologies.

NVIDIA hosts the NVISION event ideally in the third quarter of an year. NVISION ’08 was held in between August 25th and 27th, at the San Jose Convention Center, California, United States. The economic decline has reduced the number of attendees considering visiting the show, says NVIDIA. It was added that the company would hold several smaller forums in the coming fall.

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Demoscene Outreach Reel

Info by on August 14th, 2008

Created by

And don’t forget to come to NVision ’08/NVScene!

Capped.TV will have a presence there, in the form of Capped.TV Authorized Juice Kiosksâ„¢. Which will include HD captures of many of the demos featured in the reel above, plus many more.

Don’t forget to register.

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The pre-reg date for NVision/NVScene has been extended again, this time to July 31st.

So if you STILL haven’t registered, you now have another month to get the discount.

As of this writing, only 19 people have signed up for demoscene seats [according to the online seating chart]. Please register and support this party! In addition to the discount, if you register now you can select a good seat on the seating chart.

Register Here [ ]

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nVision’s Early-Bird Registration has been extended to June 30th, for those who haven’t yet got a ticket to NVScene yet, you’re in luck!

Register Here [ ]

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NVScene Invite []

Info by on March 25th, 2008

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NVScene Invite Released

News by on March 24th, 2008

The NVScene Invite is out!

Farbrausch and Neuro’s very colorful invitation can be found at Breakpoint’s FTP and our US Mirror.

Edit: Video Capture [mp4] avalible.

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The Northern Dragons have released a parody invitation for the upcoming NVision demoparty. The demo, released by “NDivia,” invites you to the “GinVision 2008” demo party. The party features several wonderful competitions, including:

  • 4k PC
  • 4k GP32X Game
  • PSP music dic^Hsk
  • GBA 3D wild
  • Euroweenie-eating contest
  • Monkey Island Speedrun contest
  • Acoustic Guitar Hero
  • ATI Card throwing / skeet shoot
  • Rob is Jarig Dance Marathon

In addition, attendees receive free booze and a Tesla supercomputer! Naturally, the entire invitation, including the imaginary demo party, is a joke. The demo’s author, Guybrush, writes on pouet:

To be totally clear: we <3 nvidia and are looking forward to nvision with incredible excitement, SO much excitement that we’re going crazy having to fabricate details of the compos and events. I think they deserve to be this arrogant towards their competitors… anyway, ALL of the blame for how much this sucks lies completely on us, Garg and Temis had absolutely nothing to do with this. I’m looking forward to CNS completely crushing us with the real invite. Actually I’m kind of scared.

You can see this hilarious trainwreck of a demo on There is also a thread on the pouet bbs.

Note: The real NVScene invite was presented at Breakpoint by Farbrausch and Neuro (I originally thought it would be Conspiracy, but they cooperated on an Evoke invite instead).  We’ll link to it when it’s released.  -phoenix

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NVScene website is up

News by on February 29th, 2008

The NVScene section of NVision 2008 is now official! And yes, it’s being referred to as a demo party (or at least “demoscene event”!), and there will be competitions. Check out the info at:

(thanks to gloom for the tip on

Edit By micksam7:
A lot more info can be found in Zine #13. [Download // US Mirror]


NVISION 08 Announced

News by on February 5th, 2008

It appears that the European demoscene outreach tour of California is starting to bear some major fruit. nVidia has announced NVISION, a gathering of “gamers, visual artists, game developers, and others enjoying truly unique events around downtown San Jose”. Of specific interest:

For the first time in the U.S., creative minds interested in demoscene, game modding, machinima, and digital art will join forces at NVSCENE to network, learn, compete, and show the world what they are capable of.

They may not be calling it a “demo party”, but their digital art show looks promising for demosceners. If they do announce coding competitions, one’s mouth will likely water at the prize offerings.

NVISION 08 is scheduled for August 25th-27th. West coast, time to come out of the woodworks!