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No NVISION in 2009

News by on March 16th, 2009

From techPowerUp!, Monday, March 16 2009:


Deteriorating world economy claims another victim in the tech world: NVISION, the annual flagship visual-computing promotional event by NVIDIA for 2009 is reportedly called off, according industry observer DigiTimes. NVISION draws parallels with MacWorld Expo, an event that showcases Apple technologies.

NVIDIA hosts the NVISION event ideally in the third quarter of an year. NVISION ’08 was held in between August 25th and 27th, at the San Jose Convention Center, California, United States. The economic decline has reduced the number of attendees considering visiting the show, says NVIDIA. It was added that the company would hold several smaller forums in the coming fall.

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NVScene seminar videos available

News by on November 22nd, 2008

Finally, video clips from the NVScene seminars at NVision are available online.  Thanks to Temis/NVidia, Trixter/Hornet, and for arranging the video recording and capture.   For now, they are viewable exclusively at, and eventually they will be available at and for download.  Clips included are:

  • Preacher / Traction – The other side of programming
  • iQ / RGBA – Rendering worlds with raytracing on the GPU
  • Pixtur / Still – Understanding realtime as design potential
  • Navis / ASD – Deconstructing demos: from conception to performance
  • Bonzaj / Plastic – Interactive elements in Linger In Shadows
  • Chaos / Farbrausch – From .kkrieger to debris


North American Sceners Interviewed

News by on September 11th, 2008

During NVScene 2008, the staff interviewed a few members of the North American demoscene:

Besides these two interviews, has good coverage of NVScene itself, including hall fly-bys, interviews with the organizers, footage of the competition screenings, and even some Rob is Jarig dance action.


NVScene is over!

News by on August 28th, 2008

Visitors from North America and Europe alike were treated to some amazing seminars and demos this past week, all in a top-notch HD theater-like setting. For a one-stop-shop for downloads, reviews, results, and (eventually) photos, visit the NVScene 2008 page at Pouët. A Winnebago parked outside also proved quite the attraction, photos are here. We will link to videos of the seminars when they’re available, or keep an eye on

We’ve added North American attendees to NVscene (let us know who’s missing), and will add the NA entries soon.

Thanks to Gargaj, Gloom, Steeler, and Temis for making NVScene possible!


Pre-NVScene notice…

News by on August 19th, 2008

If you see something about “RVScene“, it’s not a typo…


NVScene speakers confirmed

News by on August 15th, 2008

(from the NVScene forum)

Okay, so – if you’re living in the US (or, should we say: within traveling distance from California 🙂 you should seriously get yourself a ticket for NVScene – just check out who is on the speaker list:

“Deconstructing Demos – From Conception to Performance”
Presented by Konstantinos Pataridis (Navis from ASD)

“Exploring Chunks of Time – Interactive Elements in ‘Linger In Shadows'”
Presented by: Michal Staniszewski (Bonzaj from Plastic)

“From .kkrieger to debris. – Procedural Content Generation Taken to Extremes”
Presented by Dierk Ohlerich (Chaos from Farbrausch)

“Rendering Worlds with Two Triangles – Raytracing on the GPU”
Presented by Iñigo Quilez (IQ from RGBA)

“Expanding the Limits of 4K – History and Evolution of TBC Intros and Tools”
Presented by Rune Stubbe (Mentor from TBC)

“Understanding Realtime as Design Potential”
Presented by Thomas Mann (Pixtur from Still)

“The Other Side of Demo Coding – Translating Concepts into Code”
Presented by Martti Nurmikari (Preacher from Traction)

“The History of the Demoscene”

Presented by Bent Stamnes (Gloom from Excess, Portal Process and, Gergely Szeley (Gargaj from Conspiracy), Ekkehard Brüggemann (steeler from digitalekulture.ev and Breakpoint)


Demoscene Outreach Reel

Info by on August 14th, 2008

Created by

And don’t forget to come to NVision ’08/NVScene!

Capped.TV will have a presence there, in the form of Capped.TV Authorized Juice Kiosksâ„¢. Which will include HD captures of many of the demos featured in the reel above, plus many more.

Don’t forget to register.

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The pre-reg date for NVision/NVScene has been extended again, this time to July 31st.

So if you STILL haven’t registered, you now have another month to get the discount.

As of this writing, only 19 people have signed up for demoscene seats [according to the online seating chart]. Please register and support this party! In addition to the discount, if you register now you can select a good seat on the seating chart.

Register Here [ ]

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The competition prizes for NVScene 2008 have been announced. For the winning demo, how does $5,000 and two GeForce cards (specific models not given yet, but we can assume high-end) sound? Not to mention what may be the largest prize ever for a 1st place 4k intro: $2,000 plus a GeForce card. The payouts extend to the top 5 entries in each compo. Finally, every ticket-holder at NVScene will receive a free academic copy of SoftImage XSI, just for registering.


nVision’s Early-Bird Registration has been extended to June 30th, for those who haven’t yet got a ticket to NVScene yet, you’re in luck!

Register Here [ ]

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