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Metoikos connected with the folks at Foulab, a Montréal hackerspace, and there will be a fast democompo (onsite entries only) and demoshow on November 27.

The event starts at 10:00. Entries will be due approximately two hours before the demoshow, which is at 19:00. Voting will start around 23:00.

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Demoscene Outreach Reel

Info by on August 14th, 2008

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And don’t forget to come to NVision ’08/NVScene!

Capped.TV will have a presence there, in the form of Capped.TV Authorized Juice Kiosksâ„¢. Which will include HD captures of many of the demos featured in the reel above, plus many more.

Don’t forget to register.

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The pre-reg date for NVision/NVScene has been extended again, this time to July 31st.

So if you STILL haven’t registered, you now have another month to get the discount.

As of this writing, only 19 people have signed up for demoscene seats [according to the online seating chart]. Please register and support this party! In addition to the discount, if you register now you can select a good seat on the seating chart.

Register Here [ ]

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nVision’s Early-Bird Registration has been extended to June 30th, for those who haven’t yet got a ticket to NVScene yet, you’re in luck!

Register Here [ ]

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The NVScene registration is open! [and has been open for the past few months]

Early-bird prices:
Demoscene seats starting at $50 per visitor. $65 regular price.
General admission is $35 [no demoscene seat] for those just able to make it to the compos. $50 regular price.

All admissions give visitor access to the various parts of NVision.

Register Here [ ]

Early-bird registration ends June 1st! [Next month!]

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